Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise

Centre for
Health Leadership & Enterprise

Based at Cambridge Judge Business School the centre provides a platform for the 20% of school faculty engaged in health-related research. We facilitate links between faculty, MBA and research students, the wider university, the local healthcare system, and public and private practitioners to address challenges of the healthcare industry, and support the development of teaching and research capabilities and the effective translation of research into practice.

Research Update

Investing in hospital information systems

Research by Professor Michael Barrett and colleagues, forthcoming in MIS Quarterly, investigates behavioural and institutional mechanisms that underpin hospitals' IS investment decisions. The research is based on panel data from all 153 public non-specialist hospital organisations in England, and demonstrates that hospital managers invest in IS not only to find solutions to performance shortfalls but also to achieve continuity and predictability in resource allocation and to signal conformity with external norms and expectations. Read more

Latest News & Events

Repurposing of clinical data for quality improvement

The ever-increasing volume of clinical data gathered in the course of a patient's stay in hospital has been recognised as a valuable resource for care quality improvement. Little attention has been paid, however, to the costs and challenges of reusing this data to inform improvement initiatives. Matthew Jones, with Alain Vuylsteke of Papworth Hospital and Alan Blackwell of the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory have recently been awarded a research grant by the Health Foundation to study the repurposing of clinical data for quality improvement in critical care settings and to develop generic tools for interactive data analytics that make it easier for clinicians to extract relevant data.

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