Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise

Centre for
Health Leadership & Enterprise

Based at Cambridge Judge Business School we provide the platform for the 20% of school faculty engaged in health-related research. We facilitate links between the faculty, the wider university, MBA and research students, and public and private practitioners to form multidisciplinary teams to effectively address key challenges of the healthcare and pharma sectors. The centre supports these teams in the development of their research programmes and the effective translation of their research back into practice.

Research Update

Benchmarking biotech and pharmaceutical product development

In a recent article in Nature Biotechnology, Don Drakeman provides new evidence for the R&D productivity gap between small biotech firms and established large pharmaceutical companies, which demonstrates that the biotech sector's record in originating high-priority medicines exceeds that of the pharmaceutical industry, that its costs are lower and that its products have comparable revenues. In fact, biotech companies have not only dominated the creation and development of biologic products but have, at the same time, established a track record in small-molecule drugs nearly equal to the pharmaceutical industry's. Read more

Latest News & Events

Management training vital to the success of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector
25 Jun 2013

According to CCHLE's Professor Stefan Scholtes, healthcare leaders are having to confront the issues of integration and privatisation. "A big challenge in health service delivery in hospitals and local healthcare systems is around integration of services. Given the increasing degree of specialisation in medicine, that's becoming more and more complicated: services have developed away from the patient." Read more

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